What is Botox

A Botox injection at the site of key facial muscles shuts down the nerves that signal those muscles to move. It relaxes your facial muscles as well, so between your nerves not sending a signal for the muscle to move and the muscle being relaxed, it limits the muscle movement. 
Physicians believe that Botox may be used as a preventative measure that helps avoid future wrinkles. However, the treatment needs to be repeated to keep the wrinkles at bay.

What happens at a Botox appointment?

Your trained and certified At Your Leisure Aesthetics provider consults with you about your treatment goals. She shows you before and after photos so that you can form realistic expectations about the effects of Botox.

At the appointment, you’ll lie down on a table and relax. Your provider may ask you to squint, frown, or make another facial expression. This helps guide the exact location where the injection should be administered. 

Your provider then applies a numbing lotion at the site of the injection if you’re concerned about any discomfort. The injections may feel like small pinches. You’ll likely receive a few injections in the targeted area. The procedure takes only a few minutes.  

You may see temporary bumps in the area where you received injections which will disappear in around 30 minutes. Your provider gives you aftercare instructions. Be sure to follow their guidance to avoid complications. You’ll need to stay in an upright position for a minimum of four hours after the procedure. Don’t exercise right away.